Youth Sports Programs:

 The children in the city of Chicago must be given an opportunity for a successful start in education and sports regardless of age, race, gender, family composition, income or community. In response to the signifcant disparity. Community Action Initiative will be charge with creating and providing the kind of sports programs necessary for Chicagoland children to have an opportunity to participate in organized sports during summer months. Parental consent require for all sport activities.


  We will offer the following sports activities, during summer months:


  • Boys Flag Football, 7th Grade- High School June-August
  • Boys Basketball, All ages- High School, June-August
  • Girls Volleyball High School, June-August
  • Boys & Girls Soccer TBA, June-August
  • Girls Double Dutch Contest-August


  Back to School initiative:

  School is Cool is the name of our back to school initiative. We want to encourage all our young people on the important on being prepared on the first day of school. So we will have a back to school rally that would provide school supplies at our end of year sports ceremonies for all our sports participants.