In 2011, the current Directors of our organization decided to create Community Action Initiatives to give everyone who is interested, the opportunity to help those in need. Helping the community grow and to impact  the lives of everyone involve in our mission.



  Community Action Initiative-Chicago is a nonprofit agency providing transional housing for adult males and mentoring programs for middle and high school youth in Greater
Chicago area. The goal of the organization is to provide interim housing and life
skills training that will empower clients to become independent individuals embracing
their ability to make positive social contributions.

  It is a national travesty that after serving our great country, far too many of our veterans exist without the security of a roof to shelter them. In addition, the epidemic of homelessness amongst our veterans exacerbates and camouflages other issues such as mental and medical illness that should not be ignored. Transitional housing will have a significant impact to the lives of homeless veterans and other adult males.

  Community Action Initiative believes, however, that transitional housing opens the door for the comprehensive  rebuilding of our veterans self confidence and self esteem allowing them to accept that they deserve better and can do better for themselves.

  Through Communiy Action Initiative the promotion  of social participation, the development of strong interpersonal skills, and having mental/medical issues addressed will reestablish a sense of purpose in the present and a sense of hope in the future for our veterans.

  It is well documented that the collapse of the traditional family structure has contributed to the rise of at-risk youth. These at-risk youth are more likely to develop destructive habits and engage in socially and culturally unacceptable behavior. This is, in part, due to a loss of faith in their individual possibilities.

  Community Action Initiative believes that a child with a solid academic foundation and
participation in sports increases the potential for a well balanced youth.

  Community Action Initiative will form collaborative partnerships with local schools, the city park districts and the state juvenile court system to create an inclusive learning environment to promote each individual best effort while reinforcing personal and social respect and accountability. Young people who are at risk of becoming, or are already embroiled in the juvenile court system will be identified and guided through the turbulence that transitioning into adulthood can bring. The focus will be specific to individual levels of need while maintaining the overall goal of empowering  young people to make positive changes for their life.

  Community Action Initiative will establish a mentoring program to pair a youth with a mentor or a group designed to address a specific concern. Participation in weekly group activities geared to strengthen the relationship between the mentor and mentee will be required of all participants. The activities will enable the young person to build confidence not only in themselves, but in their mentor as well, allowing the youth to begin setting goals for the future with confidence that the future is available to them. Mentors will receive continuous training to maintain up-to-date strategies for addressing the many needs of the youth in the program. Additionally, mentors will participate in monthly meetings to report status of their mentee and to celebrate progress.

  Over time, Community Action Initiative will create a learning and activity environment that will be an invaluable resource to young people and the community at large.

  Move to Our New Facilities:

  Our need for more space is ever important. With your donations and support  we will be able to meet our objective by moving into a larger facility very soon.